How a homeless shelter operator found a solution on their bed bug infestation

Hello my lovely readers! Today, we have a guest writer who will share her story on how hard it is to run a shelter specially when they have bed bug infestation and how they were able to overcome it.

Hello everyone! My name is Jessy and I run a homeless shelter in Florida. I am very much aware on how hard it is to run a shelter facility. It is very tiring but also very rewarding when you see the smile on the faces of your residents. Not until we experience bed bug infestation. Those smiles became sad faces, sometimes they look so tired due to sleepless nights and sometimes, you can see the pain in their faces because of bug bites.

Where did we get the bed bugs and how was the experience?

Where we got the bed bugs is still a mystery for us but one thing is for sure. We either got them from our guest or from the second hand furniture we bought before. I can still remember one of our resident who first thought it was a mosquito bite. We then bought mosquito sprays and mosquito patches for our kids. But many nights passed by that it seems ineffective. The mosquito sprays were not working because our residents were still having bites. Most of them can’t sleep through the night specially children because that’s the time they get attacked by this pests.

Later, we found out that what we are having were not mosquitoes but bed bugs. Bed bugs attacks its host during night time when they are already sleeping. A lot of our residents experienced the bites already and we immediately bought a bed bug spray that we can find from the stores. We bought a lot, in different brands, sizes and shapes but none of them worked. It was so frustrating!

Then we decided to use chemical spray and we need to evacuate our residents to a different room. What concerned us the most was the possibility of the infestation to spread to the room where we were about to transfer our residents. As you may already know, bed bugs follow their host so the chance is very high. And we were right, the infestation spread in our entire facility! That was the worst day! We noticed that our walls were starting to have black spots, our bedding already have black and red stains on it which were bed bug feces.

It was so frustrating that even though we don’t want to hire an exterminator, we didn’t had a choice so we went on it. Hiring a professional exterminator drained our budget. It was not cheap at all. And as expected, the exterminator company told us that they will use heat treatment to immediately kill the bed bugs. We heard so many horrible stories about accidents when using heat treatment but we agreed because we thought that’s the only option left for us.

The exterminator company told us to get out of our facility for a while, so we brought our residents to the park. We were not aware that the exterminator would use our reserved power. It gave a toll on us and we weren’t able to use the laundry facility for a week because of that. Moreover, our electric bill sky rocketed! We didn’t know that killing bed bugs would be this costly!

A friend who happens to know about our experience on bed bug infestation recommended us Green Bean Buddy bed bug spray. She works in a big hotel and told me that this product is what they are using. I asked her why we can’t find this in our local store and she then told me that they just renewed their licensed to sell it to the public but big resorts, hotels and other large companies are already using Green Bean Buddy. I felt relieved but somewhat regretful because if only we knew about Green Bean Buddy bed bug spray, we wouldn’t have to spent too much and can use the money for far more important expenses.

Benefits of using Green Bean Buddy bed bug spray

After finding out about Green Bean Buddy bed bug spray, I did some research about them and found out that they already helped a lot of homeless shelters get rid of their bed bug problems. It is us who was late to know about them. But I am still glad that we did because I immediately bought a gallon to try it out. And it got us off guard…

We didn’t thought that such bed bug spray exists in this world. Who would have thought that a all natural ingredient bed bug spray is so effective in killing bed bugs? We always opt for chemical treatments before but none of them had worked and this little guy right here works perfectly. I now believe that mother nature gave us everything to help us survive in this life. I still remember the story of the CEO of Green Bean Buddy who went to Lima, Peru to know the secrets of the ancient people there on how they can survive and kill bed bugs using natural ingredients. Green Bean Buddy bed bug spray is a firm believer of natural ingredients found in nature.

Using a natural ingredient bed bug spray helped us in so many ways. First, we don’t have to transfer or evacuate our residents to another room because this product is very safe and can even be used around kids, pets and even livestock. After using it, our residents said that they noticed great results after using Green Bean Buddy bed bug spray.

What we also like about this product is the fact that it has a residual treatment that immediately kills bed bugs and as days pass. We were not aware before that most commercialized bed bug sprays were just contact killers. Maybe that’s the reason why it did not worked. But having to use this product now, it gave our staff so little thing to do. Our staff just need to do spot treatment on areas where bed bugs are hiding and that’s it. No need to drench everything with bed bug spray because this product will kill the bed bug on its own even though they are not directly sprayed on.

Having this bed bug spray also helped us prevent re-infestation because this acts as shield and stop the bed bugs from spreading. We are so happy that we don’t have to hire an exterminator anymore because this bed bug spray works like magic. I hope a lot of people will know about this product that’s why I am sharing my experience here. I don’t want other people to experience the same thing we experienced before.

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