Research Reveals Bed Bugs Are Inbreeders

A recent study discovered that bed bugs are inbreeders. The said result led to a new belief that it may take just one or two of the said pests to start an entire infestation. To control their presence, BedBugSprayReviews advised the people to always have a bed bug spray prepared.


By being inbreeders, bed bugs mate with their close relatives. And unlike with humans, they produce healthy offspring not suffering from genetic deformities. However, inbreeding among bed bugs only spell disasters among humans. That’s because it equates to the pests’ faster spreading.


Specifically, the research was from North Carolina State University. In the study, researchers observed the bed bugs in the three large apartments in New Jersey and North Carolina. According to their findings, the pests in each of the apartments show very low genetic difference which basically means all of them are closely related.


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“Bed bugs had already victimized countless individuals. And if you are not careful, you could be the latest addition to the still growing list of bed bug sufferers. But why is it that the said blood-sucking pests are so hard to rid? Could it be because they are inbreeders?”


“In North Carolina State University, a study revealed that bed bugs mate with their close relatives. And despite being closely related, they are still able to produce healthy offsprings. Now how can that affect you?”


“Well, apparently, the inbreeding of bed bugs means it may take only one or two of them to start a major infestation. In addition, their “inbreeders” status is also one of the major reasons why they can multiply so fast in just a short period of time.”

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“Why are bedbugs so difficult to get rid of? One of the keys to the annoying resiliency of the bloodsucking, parasitic insects may be their ability to produce healthy offspring even when they mate with close relatives, according to a new study from North Carolina State University. Here’s what you should know about the irritating insects'”secret weapon”:”

“Bedbugs are inbreeders?”

“Yes. Researchers studies three large apartment buildings in New Jersey and North Carolina, and found that the bedbug populations in each had extremely low genetic diversity. The insects were essentially all close relatives.”

“Why does this matter?”

“It makes it difficult to completely eradicate bedbugs from a building. Experts now believe it may take only “one or two founder insects to start an entire infestation,” says Julie Steenhuysen at Reuters. Imagine, said lead researcher Coby Schal: “A single mated female bedbug starts the infestation. She gives rise to offspring and those offspring mate with each other and with their mother.” Even if a huge building is successfully treated with insecticide, says Kevin Begos for the Associated Press, if just a few insects survive, the population can quickly be built back up again.”


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As inbreeders bed bugs spread fast. And that is one of the major reasons why it is very difficult to get rid of them for good.


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