Education Decreased New York Bed Bug Cases

It’s no secret that New York City bed bugs have been making their presence known to homeowners, business owners, and New York City pest control experts for the past few years. It’s no secret that across the board, bed bug infestations have increased, rather than decreased across the United States. It’s also no secret that bed bugs cross socio-economic boundaries as they are equal opportunity attackers. It makes sense that a posh hotel or a retail store would want to hide the fact that they had bed bugs at their local because it is bad for business and the little blood suckers could potentially drive customers away.

What does not make sense is not being forthright with information about the New York City’s Public Schools bed bug problem. It appears that the NYC Department of Education has bed bug blinders on, or has been misinformed, or does not want the public to know what the real skinny is about what is going on within the schools!

In the 2010-2011 school year, there were 3,590 confirmed cases of bed bugs found within the New York City public school system. Which schools had the buggers is a secret as the NYC Department of Education did not release that information to the public. These confirmed cases more than tripled the bed bug cases that were reported in the previous school year. It should be public knowledge which schools have had bed bug problems, and what steps are/were being taken to eradicate the problem.

The Department of Education does not consider the few bed bugs found within a school to be an “infestation”…those incidents are “cases”…yet they still require treatment by a licensed New York City pest control professional.