Common problem of hotel guests

Looking for a place to stay during your vacation can be quite stressful. But with the help of star-rating feature of some hotel websites, you can then decide whether or not to stay at a specific hotel. But are those rates enough to assure you that what you are trying to book is really good and not a joke? Here are some of the most common problems of hotel guests who thought that they got the best deal ever.


1. Noise from other side of the room

We all wanted a goodnight sleep after a tiring trip. Having a noisy neighbors in adjacent rooms or from a room above can be a serious problem. This problem is what most hotel guests complain about.

2. Reservations not honored

Another problem most guests encountered is when the reservations is not being honored by the hotel. It is either they overbooked their rooms or overlooked your reservation. So always make sure that you contact your hotel before your reserved date just to confirm everything to avoid the hassle.

3. No hot water

This can be really frustrating specially if you are in a cold temperature country or it is winter time. A lot of guests complain when the room they reserved don’t have this option because after a tiring trip, all you want to do is take a bath and relax with the help of hot water.

4. Rude hotel staff

I think this is already given. May it be hotel or not, people would really complain if someone is rude towards them. In case of hotels, expectation to have pleasant staff is quite high because you are catering to hospitality and having rude staff is really off if you encounter one.

5. This is the most problem of a lot of hotel guest: Unclean rooms!

Imagine if you booked a hotel room because you saw the picture online that the room is very clean. Also, the star-rating is very high and almost all are positive feedback. But what if you arrived and realized that the pictures you saw were probably taken the first time the hotel opened?

The reality vs expectation is very real! You expect a clean and decent room but in reality, you got a very unclean room. Worst, the room have bed bugs on the bedding and who-knows-where-else.

Bed bugs in hotel room

Girls generally hate tiny little insects or pests but what this two girls experienced is so cringy!

| WBTV Charlotte

Reneee Hall Dacanay who were just visiting her sister had an unpleasant experience in of Lancaster’s hotel which is Super 8. She said that when they woke up from a nap, she then found bed bugs surrounding them.

“We looked at our bodies and realized we had been [bitten],” Dacanay said.

Can hotels prevent bed bugs?

Of course, they can! It is just a matter of using the right product and doing the diligently the protocol. Just like what a homeless shelter operator did when they experience bed bug infestation. They were able to get rid of it and also prevent future re-infestation.

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