Reasons why people evacuate

There are so many reasons why you have to evacuate. But today, we are going to tell you the most common reasons of evacuation.

Fire in a hotel

Last thing you want to experience when having your much needed vacation is to have fire in your hotel. But this is what happened in Kelly Inn. Brismarck Fire Department crew who happen to be driving by the inn noticed smoke and fire on the rooftop the leads to immediate evacuation of the hotel.

Thank goodness that no injuries were reported and about 30 people who were currently staying at the Kelly Inn were evacuated to other area hotels, said the general manager of Kelly Inn, Diane Rieger.

“It just happened to be the chance that that fire crew was passing by at the time and noticed the fire,” Fitzsimmons said Friday morning. “It allowed for a quick reaction, a quick response.”

It was ruled that the cause of fire is accidental. It caused smoke damage but the structure were not affected at all. The hotel plans to re-open its doors to customers on Sunday, said Rieger.

That’s just one of the reason why people evacuate. Next example is the most common reason for operators of homeless shelters. But this is no ordinary shelter. The story below is a mental healthy facility that were forced to evacuate its residents. Know the reason why…

Left with bed bugs

Residents of an unlicensed residential mental healthy facility in south suburban Dixmoor were forced to evacuate overnight after being discovered by the police of having bed bug infestation and filthy living conditions.

The Mother’s House’s staffs were nowhere to be found according to Dixmoor Police Chief Ron Burge. It has been known that police initially responded to Mother’s House because of complaints that there was no hot water.

Residents told the police that they were locked inside with no staff. During their later search, they also found out the the fire exits had been padlocked and another section of the building is unorganized.

“There were bedbugs on the walls, on the floors, mattresses on the floor,” he said.

“Right now the clients, residents are receiving medical treatment. We haven’t been able to locate anybody that runs the facility. We’ve attempted to use our emergency contact numbers. No one’s been contacted, but when we contact somebody, we will do an investigation,” Burge said.

“We’ve gotten numerous complaints from the residents in reference to not getting their medication,” he said.

It was confirmed by The Illinois Department of Public Health that The Mother’s House is not a licensed mental health care facility, and the state was not even aware that it was operating.

Evacuation is really stressful. One operator who also runs a homeless facility was even on the verge of sending back its residents back to the street after they realized that they are having bed bug infestation. But luckily, her friend recommended a product that they were able to stay even during treatment. Learn about what product helped helped them here.

There are so many reasons why people need to evacuate and we hope that you won’t be experiencing any of these. Stay safe everyone!

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